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Where do the global and individual benefits
end? Whether a high pressure gas pipeline
extending thousands of miles across Aus-
tralia or a pipe supplying water to a village
in Africa, welding technology makes a huge
positive impact on the global quality of life.
Its value to a nation’s economy is both sig-
nificant and critical as shown by studies in
countries such as the USA and Germany.
16 strategies on improving the image of
welding have been implemented in the sec-
tions of the IIW Business Plan involving the
IIW Board of Directors, International Authori-
sation Board (IAB), Working Group Regional
Activities and Commission XIV.
IIW White Paper
One impor tant strategy that is par t of the
project is for IIW to compile a “White Paper”
on welding and joining technology. Such a
document is to be used on an international
basis and aimed at decision makers in Gov-
ernments, industr y, research and develop-
ment, academia, education and training,
amongst others, to assist them in their weld-
ing related areas of interest or influence.
The IIW has formed a White Paper Task
Group consisting of 12 prominent members
of the global world of welding and more than
40 international exper ts are contributing to
the document.
For example, it could:
• Influence governments and industr y on
the R&D needs, magnitude and types of
research funding to be made available
• Improve the image of welding and its im-
por tance to both the national, regional
and global economies
• Guide industr y on future types and num-
bers of personnel requirements
• Provide technological developments in-
cluding “hot topics” to improve the global
quality of life
• Raise the national and international profile
of IIW and its member societies.
The title of the “White Paper” is linked to
the title of the IIW Project “To Improve the
Global Quality of Life Through the Optimum
Use of Welding Technology”. It will have the
following five objectives amongst others.
• To identify the challenges for welding and
joining technology in the global arena
• To recommend the implementation of
strategies to find solutions to meet these
• To agree on solutions for the next 20 years
• To promote the implementation of iden-
tified solutions on a national, regional
and international basis through greater
collaboration, shared knowledge and
par tnerships.
• To improve overall global quality of life
i.e. health, safety, food, water, fair trade,
environment, education oppor tunities.
Conclusions and
The IIW is probably now in its strongest po-
sition in its histor y with an excellent team
ef for t during the past eight years, culmi-
nating in a well balanced organisation with
sound and enthusiastic leadership from its
Board of Directors, excellent teams of world
exper ts comprising the working units, a com-
petent hardworking Secretariat, a range of
relevant outcomes including products and
ser vices of value to its members, with in-
creasing interest by more countries in be-
coming members. It has strong regional
members which, with the suppor t of IIW,
industr y, governments and aid agencies
can deliver immense benefits to the regions
throughout the world.
IIW’s colleagues in all countries can con-
tribute to these objectives, in the following
ways, amongst others:
i) Actively contribute to the IIW project ‘Im-
proving the global quality of life through
the optimum use of Welding Technol-
ii) Actively suppor t the IIW initiative to im-
prove the image of welding.
iii) Nominate more delegates to par ticipate
in meetings of the IIW technical commis-
sions and working units, which would
be to the benefit of the individual, their
companies and thus the countr y as a
whole, as well as contributing to global
welding technology development.
iv) Consider linking into and expanding the
IIW technology dif fusion projects includ-
ing the establishment of countr y and
regional Technology Suppor t Centres
v) Consider establishing countr y and re-
gional Educational Suppor t Centres
IIW looks forward to welcoming par ticipants
to future Annual Assemblies and to working
with all people interested in improving the
quality of life in the world.
We believe that, with the three attributes of
Enthusiasm, Persistence and Cooperation,
we can all work together in an excellent
team ef for t to improve the quality of life of
people globally.
[1] Smallbone, Chris
Improving the Global Quality of Life through
Optimum Use of Welding Technology
IIW 2008 International Conference “Safety
and Reliability of Welded Components in
Energy and Processing Engineering”
Graz/Austria, 10. and 11.July 2008
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dilthey
President of the International
Institute of Welding (IIW)